Saffron, 5 gm

Manufacturer: ABK
Premium Quality of 5 gm Original Kashmir Saffron. This Saffron is Original and handpicked from the odoriferous Saffron Flowers. The Saffron is dried completely and as such has a prolonged shelf life. This product is Guaranteed Original Kashmiri Saffron and at ABK as we mean Quality at its best!
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Purple flowered Saffron (Crocus sativus) is a wonderful plant to which nature has given a fascinating fragrance, pleasant flavour, a beautiful colour, and a host of other qualities. Flowering in saffron is a unique process that starts before regular plant growth and leaf appearance. Flower initiation in saffron starts in late spring, however, Saffron flowers appear in early autumn. The optimal temperature for saffron flower formation is in the range 23 to 25-degree Celsius (spring) and the optimal temperature for flower emergence is 17-degree Celsius (Autumn). Kashmir has all the perfect conditions prerequisite for the cultivation of EXCELLENT quality saffron. 

Kashmir Saffron has definitely an edge over the saffron from other countries because of its intrinsic quality. Fresh stigma taken from the Kashmir Saffron possess a high percentage of crocin (16.5% to 17%) on a moisture-free basis, imparting it a superior quality as compared to material from other countries.

ABK's Henna Brand Saffron has, just the long, silky Saffron strands, and it doesn't contain small bits of Saffron left over, after sieving saffron. It has a uniform colour as the saffron is from a single plantation; moreover, it is from the current crop itself. This ensures quality and freshness delivered to its best.

At ABK we have been selling Saffron for the last five decades and proudly we have been selling the best!


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