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Amin-Bin-Khalik (ABK)
The Dry Fruit People

Since 1972

The ABK Store, back in 1975


Amin-Bin-Khalik (ABK) is among the best names for Saffron, Walnuts, Honey, and Morels from Kashmir. Commenced in a petite way in 1972, ABK has been growing in-line with the trends of the modern world. From the start ABK’s belief in choosing only the highest quality of products has made it stand out from the rest. We did it consistently, selling only the  BEST; and it is indeed the splendid quality and luscious flavor of the  products that has made ABK famous throughout the years.

Known for its quality products The ABK store, has gained an enormous reputation.Visited by a lot of tourists, diplomats from the West and Bollywood stars, the store outshines in its vicinity and it has been attracting a lot of locals too.  From the start ABK, has kept the same values, the same quality, and the same level of care for its customers, and this is what has made the difference.

Being the center of attraction for tourists, the store has attracted a lot of media attention too. ABK was featured in a Bollywood movie, on Zee News, on Fox Traveller, on France 2, on BBC radio - all vouching for the superb quality of products - Saffron and Walnuts, sold at the store.


ABK store showcased in a Bollywood movie


Besides, there are a number of print media publications wherein ABK has been showcased - Of recently ABK was showcased in the international travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveller (July 2015).



 ABK on the Condé Nast Traveler – July 2015



 ABK featured on Fox Traveller – Twist of taste with chef Vineet Bhatia



ABK with fashion designer Rohit Bal


The ABK store was built three times; first being the time when it was founded in 1973, then redone in the year 2000, and then after the floods of 2014 which engulfed the whole city, the store was rebuilt completely since the floods had washed away everything, but then the spirit survived.

Now in this online age, we are more searchable, more reachable. With the growing demand for our products - Saffron and Walnuts, and that our customer base increasing every single day, we have started to reach out to our customers rather than they reaching to us. We started selling on Amazon, and now we have started this online store - consistent, complementary, and in-line with our physical store, giving our customers a seamless shopping experience with us.   

At ABK, every day we earn a new customer, for we strive to provide them the best. We believe that “Customer satisfaction is the ladder to success”. We assure you our quality products besides our commitment and trust.


 ABK with some of our customers - We Love Our Lovely Customers!



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ABK being interviewed on BBC radio on declining saffron production in Kashmir



ABK on Greater Kashmir Newspaper



ABK on Greater Kashmir Newspaper



ABK ties up with India Post


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