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Amin-Bin-Khalik (ABK) is among the best names for Saffron, Walnuts, Honey and, Morels from Kashmir - India. Commenced in a petite way in 1972, ABK has been growing in-line with the trends of the modern world. Here we present to you our Global store, where we accept your orders from overseas outside India. We ship to Albania, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal, Netherlands, Oman, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, United Kingdom, USA, Viet Nam, and Yemen.

Amin-Bin-Khalik being mentioned in the Hindustan Times article on Kashmir, Loosing And Finding Yourself In Kashmir; where the writer recommends visiting Amin-Bin-Khalik for best Walnuts, Pine nuts, Saffron and other things.
Amin-Bin-Khalik being featured yet again on the Condé Traveller magazine (Jammu and Kashmir special edition, June-July 2018) for among the places to shop in Kashmir, Srinagar. The supplement is much like a travel guide and mentions the best places to Visit, Eat, Stay and Shop in Kashmir. This time the write-up mentions the best bestsellers of our store - Saffron, Morels, Honey and Walnuts!
Morels start to appear in early spring in the higher regions of the Kashmir valley and the northwestern Himalayas. The Morels grow in soil rich in organic matter, in loamy soil, in coniferous forests, broad-leaved forests, in open areas or grasslands in apple orchards, in burnt sites, river bottoms, and floodplains, even under dead decaying trees - Morels just can appear anywhere around in the Spring when the snow begins to melt and is accompanied with some precipitation. And now that we are in Spring, here we present to you the best of spring mushrooms from Kashmir - Black Morels being our spring stars!
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Acacia Honey, Pure for Sure, 1 kg

Premium quality of Acacia Honey from Kashmir, India. This Honey is not too sweet since there isn't any added sugar in it and, it keeps forever - Just that it should not get moist. Acacia Honey is specific to Kashmir and is among our best-selling Honey.
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Picture of Saffron Powder (bits and pieces of red Stigmas), 10 gm

Saffron Powder (bits and pieces of red Stigmas), 10 gm

Ten grams of tiny bits of Saffron left over after sieving. 100% pure saffron powder and is free from any adulteration or foreign matter.
equates to $124.97 per 1 ounce(s)
Picture of Dried Figs (premium quality), 500 gm

Dried Figs (premium quality), 500 gm

Premium quality of dried figs from Afghanistan.
equates to $13.42 per 1 lb(s)
Picture of Chilgoza Pine nuts with shell, 250 gm

Chilgoza Pine nuts with shell, 250 gm

Pine nuts, Chilgoza with shell with us are from Afghanistan. Pine nuts are the edible seeds of pines. Pine nuts contain 10–34% protein depending on species. They are also a source of dietary fiber. Although a nut in the culinary sense, in the botanical sense pine nuts are seeds.
equates to $31.85 per 1 lb(s)

Saffron, 10 gm

Best Quality Safran available online at ABK Global store. Kashmiri Safran is world famous for its intrinsic quality as such it possesses a powerful colouring and flavouring capability. Just a pinch of this Safran is enough to make your food flavorful.
equates to $157.81 per 1 ounce(s)
Picture of Dried jumbo Morels (Caps), 1 Kg [35.27 oz]

Dried jumbo Morels (Caps), 1 Kg [35.27 oz]

Buy Premium Quality Dried Jumbo Morels without tails (Caps only). True Black Morel Caps, Jumbo size, Super select Quality at best price. These Dried Morels are very, very rare and a greater percentage of these Morels have a stout tail with a prominent large cap.
equates to $205.24 per 1 lb(s)

Saffron, 50 gm

Buy Best Quality Kashmiri Saffron with ABK. Our store has been selling saffron as from 1972, and over the time we have become specialized in Kashmiri Saffron. These Longer Silky Kashmiri Saffron threads possess a very powerful colouring capability making Kashmiri Saffron all the more potent for its use in Cookery and Medicine.
equates to $147.07 per 1 ounce(s)
Picture of Kashmir Almond kernels,1 kg

Kashmir Almond kernels,1 kg

Kashmir Almonds are natural and contain more oil than californian and Afghan almonds, as such they tase better and nutritionally they are recomended than theother two.
equates to $10.88 per 1 lb(s)