Acacia Honey, Natural Honey, 500 gm

Manufacturer: ABK
Natural Honey from Acacia Blossoms. This Honey is pure for sure, and it is from our own bee farms in Kashmir. We after-all have been selling this product since we started, back in 1972 and you could be sure about Quality with us. For a quote or to know more, please call on +91 7006-22-2273 or else, email at
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Acacia honey is one of the best sellers in our store and surprisingly it is among the most selling type of honey in the world - for its light shade. Though less in minerals, this Honey has a particular taste and it is specific to the valley of Kashmir.  It is produced from the nectar of the acacia flowers which are full of nectar and as such ideal to attract the Honeybees from far off distances. This honey is also called Eye Honey for it can be applied to cure the eye infection. This honey, like other types of Honey, has a number of benefits and should you feel like reading more on the benefits of Honey, check our blog post:

Honey: Medicinal Values and Nutritional benefits

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