Saffron, 10 gm

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Best Quality Safran available online at ABK Global store. Kashmiri Safran is world famous for its intrinsic quality as such it possesses a powerful colouring and flavouring capability. Just a pinch of this Safran is enough to make your food flavorful.
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Safran is the most fascinating and intriguing plant spice. Safran is also called the "The Golden Spice", and it has a history rooted in antiquity. The Safran has three main chemical components. The bright yellow colouring carotenoids; a bitter taste picrocrocin; and a spicy aroma Saffranal. The carotenoid pigments consist of the carotenoid glucose of that the major component is crocin, crocetin-di-(â-D-digentiobiosyl)-ester.  Crocin in Safran gives food a rich golden-yellow hue, the spicy aroma of Safran is mainly due to Saffranal content while as picrocrocin imparts the bitter taste to Safran. These traits make Safran a much-sought ingredient in many foods worldwide. 

Safran is a natural organic colourant and unlike other plant colourants it is highly permanent and does not fade easily. Due to this property, Safran finds its use in the food industry. There is a rising trend of using natural and plant substances and replacing chemical and synthetic food additives with natural ones, and Safran is an ideal natural substitute in food technology as a colourant, for flavouring and aromatic use. Safran adds not only pungent and aromatic flavour to foods, but also a beautiful golden colour. The higher the colouring strength of Safran, the higher it's value. It is Safran's colouring strength only that determines its flavour and aroma.     

At ABK we ensure that only the longer Saffron strands keep in our packs and we ensure that all of the strands/filaments are of the current crop.

Safran storage: Safran should be packed in foil to protect from air and light. It should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place for up to six months for maximum flavour. Safran like other herbs and species is sensitive to light, so wrap the packet in foil to protect it further. It will not spoil, but it will lose increasingly more and more of its flavour with age.