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Saffron, 50 gm

Buy Best Quality Kashmiri Saffron with ABK. Our store has been selling saffron as from 1972, and over the time we have become specialized in Kashmiri Saffron. These Longer Silky Kashmiri Saffron threads possess a very powerful colouring capability making Kashmiri Saffron all the more potent for its use in Cookery and Medicine.
equates to $147.07 per 1 ounce(s)

Saffron, 5 gm

Premium Quality of 5 gm Original Kashmir Saffron. This Saffron is Original and handpicked from the odoriferous Saffron Flowers. The Saffron is dried completely and as such has a prolonged shelf life. This product is Guaranteed Original Kashmiri Saffron and at ABK as we mean Quality at its best!
equates to $163.47 per 1 ounce(s)

Saffron, 20 gm

Best Quality Saffron from Kashmir at ABK. Our saffron has only longer strands giving you the best results with just a little quantity. Saffron is pure for sure and the best sells at here.
equates to $152.47 per 1 ounce(s)

Saffron, 2 gm

100% Pure Kashmir Saffron, 2 gm. PURE AND NATURAL SAFFRON. ABK's saffron is warranted to be 100% pure and without any foreign matter. At ABK we assure you Quality Saffron, which has been our forte since 1972.
equates to $168.51 per 1 ounce(s)

Saffron, 100 gm

Pure Kashmiri Saffron at ABK. This product has only the longer strands of Saffron and is warranted to be a pure and natural product without any adulteration or presence of any foreign matter.
equates to $135.90 per 1 ounce(s)

Saffron, 10 gm

Best Quality Safran available online at ABK Global store. Kashmiri Safran is world famous for its intrinsic quality as such it possesses a powerful colouring and flavouring capability. Just a pinch of this Safran is enough to make your food flavorful.
equates to $157.81 per 1 ounce(s)