Dried jumbo Morels (Caps), 250 gm [8.82 oz]

Manufacturer: ABK
Buy Premium Quality Dried Jumbo Morels without tails (Caps only). True Black Morel Caps, Jumbo size, Super select Quality at best price. These Dried Morels are very, very rare and a greater percentage of these Morels have a stout tail with a prominent large cap.
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Morels are fungi, and are found in the higher-altitudes of Kashmir valley (and regions of Central Himalaya) and it is locally known as "Guchhi". With the onset of spring, Morels start appearing in the woods of Kashmir valley. These are collected and dried and are an economically important wild species. It is impossible to explain the magic of Morels which leaves thousands of people, in April and May with an obsession of finding them in the woods untill the season is over. Locals travel miles and miles in search of Morels; Hours and hours of walking in mud, spalshing through creek beds, leads people to just a few Morels and when they are dried they make just a few grams! It takes a lot of work to collect a kilo of Dried Morels and from about 12-15 kilos we get a kilo of DRIED JUMBO MORELS!

Morels are an expensive product because of its rich nutritional value coupled with a unique flavour. Morel metabolites are also used as adaptogens and immunostimulants, and are now considered to be one of the most useful anti-tumour agents for clinical use. Morels appear in a large scale during the month of March and its collection starts between April and June.

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