Acacia Honey, Pure for Sure, 1 kg

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Premium quality of Acacia Honey from Kashmir, India. This Honey is not too sweet since there isn't any added sugar in it and, it keeps forever - Just that it should not get moist. Acacia Honey is specific to Kashmir and is among our best-selling Honey.
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Acacia honey is one of most wanted and most selling type of honey in the world - for its light color. It is produced from the nectar of the acacia flower. The flowers of the acacia tree, which is thorny otherwise, are white, smelly and full of nectar and so ideal to attract the Honeybees.  And they produce this light, almost transparent Honey, Acacia Honey.  

Acacia Honey (Honey)  is composed of 19 substances that are vital and beneficial to the human body such as the protein which gives energy and helps muscles to grow; carbohydrates in the form of sugars which are easily digested and absorbed.

Now, honey has many more benefits and you might consider reading our blog post: Honey: Medicinal Values and Nutritional benefits

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